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Point Laser Systems

Point laser systems use point lasers to measure distance to the road surface and calculate road surface profile on the go. The higher is the number of laser points used, the more exact is the profile measured by the system.


Scanner laser systems scanner laser beam to measure distance to the road surface and calculate road surface profile on the go. They are characterized with much higher number of contact points with the surface and much more continuous and exact profile measurement.

Road markings testing equipment

Road markings testing systems are designed to test both functional and texture parameters of road markings on the go. They provide quick and extensive results, both at the high end of the data quality and quantity, allowing the customer to carry out systematic network-scale measurements. 

Road bearing capacity testing equipment


  • Ground Penetrating Radar

Ground Penetrating Radar

Ground penetrating radar technology allow to evaluate internal layers of the road structure in a contactless way, i.e. without taking multiple cores from the road. The system provides both high precision and quick measurements of long stretches of road network. 


RAPTOR system allows for extensive measurements of the road bearing capacity (structural pavement evaluation) on the go. Combined with Ground Penetrating Radar technology RAPTOR provides ample data for optimizing decision making when making choices between short-term oriented maintenance and major rehabilitation of the road.  

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