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Asphalt mix production volume in EU has been stagnating at around 200 million tons over the past 10 years and had seen much higher historical levels (250 million and more) just a couple of decades ago. Meanwhile, equipment as well as land plots dedicated for asphalt production has become a much pricier acquisition as compared to higher production level times.


Leading road contracting and paving companies must often carry on with high investments in production equipment and land plots every year while having to put up with diminishing productivity of their existing assets of the same kind. Asphalt plants are often purchased after a new large paving project’s been won and the winning contractor has no plants in the area adjacent to the project. Asphalt mix cannot usually be transported for longer than an hour from the production site without losing its qualities, whilst the roads are being built throughout EU, no matter whether there is an asphalt plant in the vicinity of the construction site. After the road project’s finalized, it often turns out to be too costly to move the equipment to another area, so the equipment owner goes on with much lower production volume for years until the next opportunity in the same region arises.


With more than 3,000 production sites in the EU and the total volume of asphalt needed by the Union, the average annual per-plant production stays at around 70,000 tons, while most of the modern plants have been designed to produce some 300,000 tons and more a year. Thus, we’re talking about 25% overall use of the existing plants’ production capacity at times when the discussion about rational use of natural resources and reduction of industrial footprint is so high on the societal agenda.


By renting an asphalt plant as an alternative to purchasing, road contractors can ensure their mix supply and keep control over the project costs without heavily investing into the new equipment or land and thus contributing to the excessive production capacities that exist within the area. We provide you with the asphalt plant equipped according to the specifications of your project, along with the team that takes care of the equipment transportation, commissioning/startup, operation, maintenance and de-commissioning. You are still in control of the project costs because you keep your own supply of bitumen, aggregates, fuel and additives – the main components of the asphalt mix cost.


With renting of the plant there is no major capital investment, or major personnel decisions that are to be considered in relation to the asphalt mix production for the new project – we take care of that for you. Mix designs that are to be used by the rental plant are developed by your laboratory, unless you would like us to design the mix for you. The plant is going to be dedicated for your projects, so you don’t have to wait in line for your mix as it happens when you purchase asphalt from the competition. Your returns on investments and capital employed are growing, your fixed costs are decreasing, there’s no depreciation, low activity periods for personnel during the winter breaks, and so on and so forth.


Try an obvious win-win both for the planet and the road contractor and rent an asphalt plant for your next project!

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