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Future of Asphalt

We are dedicated to accumulating and sharing best knowledge,technologies and practices within the asphalt industry across continents with the ambition making asphalt production an example of efficiency, flexibility, environmental and social awareness and high-tech among the construction materials industry.
We are constantly learning and developing new solutions to make sure our customers can benefit from the best thought both within and outside the industry. Make each day a perfect day for taking step forward in what you are doing! Keep improving… Small steps every day will get you further than anyone can reach.


We are working with the leading suppliers in the industry, we’re following the latest trends in the industry on a daily basis in order to be able to provide you with a tailored solution that would serve specific needs of your project. 


Be it an asphalt plant, a crusher, a RAP recycling system or a bitumen terminal – we will support your decision making with extensive information on available solutions and vast experience behind our back.

About Greenbjork AB

Connecting Road Construction Professionals with Manufacturers

Greenbjork AB is dedicated to facilitating connections between road construction professionals and heavy road equipment manufacturers. Our mission is to streamline the road construction process and enhance project outcomes through effective partnerships and support.

Years of Industry Experience

Successful Partnerships

Industry Professionals

Manufacturing Partners

Sergei Dymov

CEO, Greenbjork AB

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